The Simple 5-Step Process of Working with Me

Jaime L. Brockway
3 min readNov 1, 2021


Finding the right freelancer to work with can be a grueling process with a lot of unknowns. Will this person be able to deliver what I need? Is she actually an expert in copyediting and proofreading? Is she self-motivated and reliable, or will I have to check in constantly to make sure she’s meeting deadlines?

Allow me to ease your worries and doubts. My goal is not only to deliver you edits that elevate your content but also to ensure that collaborating with me is seamless. Here is what the process of working with me will look like:

Two people sitting at a computer together and collaborating (Photo by Marcus Aurelius from Pexels)

Initial Contact

People interested in working with me can reach out via email ( or they can fill out this handy form to tell me about a project in 2 minutes flat! (Really, 2 minutes.) The second option is great for people who aren’t sure what information to share to get things started.

Once you reach out, I’ll likely get back to you within 24 hours.

The Get-to-Know-You Call

An initial 15-minute call with me is free—and optional! Whether you seek a deeper explanation of my services, have a “weird” project and want to get a sense of whether I could help you with it, or just don’t know what you need and would like some guidance, the call is for you.

We’ll chat about your brand and your project details, and then I can tell you a little more about me and explain what services I can offer you. This is a low-pressure call — we are simply exploring whether we are a good match for collaboration. Schedule a call here.

Some people may know exactly what they want and opt to skip a call altogether, which is fine by me.

Project Confirmation

The get-to-know-you call went well! We both think we’re a good fit for each other. Now it’s time to hash out the details. I will send you a project proposal, we’ll discuss my rate, and then I will create the contract for us to sign. For one-time, flat-fee projects, I ask clients to make a 30 percent deposit.

Project Kick-Off

You will share with me all relevant documents that I need to complete the project. And then you sit back and relax, knowing that your project is in capable hands. Since we discussed details in depth, I know exactly what you want and what I agreed to deliver.

Project Completion

By the deadline we set (or even earlier!), the completed edit — which has morphed your content into a thing of beauty! — will be waiting for you in your inbox. Depending on our agreement, we may go through one or two rounds of feedback in which you review my edits, ask me questions, and then ask me to review the changes you’ve made. Then I will send you the final invoice to complete payment.

And that’s a wrap! Hopefully you will have enjoyed the process of working with me so much that we’ll become long-term partners, as so many of my current clients have.

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