I’m a Longtime Pro Editor Offering Consultation to New Editors

Jaime L. Brockway
3 min readMar 31, 2022


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As with trying to start any new side gig, breaking into freelance editing can be daunting.

While there’s a wealth of online courses and books that share how to be a successful freelancer and editor, true confidence in your skills comes with practice over time.

If you’re new to editing, you may not feel 100% certain of your ability to meet clients’ needs or deliver quality editing services. Those feelings of insecurity or imposter syndrome are an obstacle to your success as a freelance editor.

For me, learning the ropes of editing under the mentorship of more experienced editors was crucial to the development of my skills and confidence.

So I decided to try and create the same experience for others. I want this Buy Me a Coffee community to be a place where new or aspiring editors — freelance or otherwise — can reach out to me for advice or assistance.

On Buy Me a Coffee, I’m offering two memberships:

The Skim Readers. I will do a weekly Q&A, giving a long-form answer to a member’s question about any aspect of editing or freelancing. $5/month or $50/year.

The Word Surgeons. In addition to getting access to the Q&A, Word Surgeon members will also get one hourlong consultation with me per month, during which you can ask me anything or even have me review your edits to a project so you can feel extra confident you’re providing quality to a client. $45/month or $450/year.

Read more details about the Word Surgeons membership.

My hope is that these memberships will ease the doubts and anxiety you may feel as you go forward.

I so look forward to welcoming you to my editing community!

You can sign up right here.

My Background As an Editor

After four years of honing my editing chops at NYC magazines, I began freelancing full-time in January 2018, and I haven’t looked back!

Today I specialize in copy editing and line editing branded content, websites, blogs, fiction books, print and digital magazines, apps, daily newsletters, and more for clients who are all over the map — geographically and industry-wise.

You can learn more about my clients and history on my website or LinkedIn.

Also, after several people reached out to ask me how I became a freelance editor, I created the below video to answer that question.

Every year of freelancing has been different than the one before. And that’s something I love about it: Freelancing is a constant experiment in how I can be doing things better, faster, or smarter.

It can be nerve-racking! But it’s also fun, and I believe that it has made me a better, more competitive editor than I was while working for one company.

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